Wig Essential Box


  • Wig Kit Included
  • Growth Oil
  • Adhesive Skin Guard
  • Wig Glue
  • Styling Mousse
  • Edge Melt band


    • Wig Kit Included: Adhesive Skin Guard + (Lace) Wig glue + (Lace) wig glue remover + Styling Mousse + Growth oil+ Edge melt band.
    • Growth Oil: The Savage hairline Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil is a perfect blend of multivitamins and essential nutrients designed to stimulate slow and inactive hair follicles.
    • Adhesive Skin Guard: our Adhesive Skin Guard is specially formulated to protect your skin from irritation caused by the wig adhesive. The skin protector plays the role of primer to provide the protective wall between the scalp and the glue.
    • Wig Glue: It is safe for use on both poly and lace hair installment systems and creates an invisible bond after application. This invisible bonding helps to hide your hairline and creates a natural look for your wig or toupee for both men and women alike.
    • Easy to Remove: Our wig lace remover can remove adhesive residue from a variety of cosmetic bonding products.
    • Styling Mousse: You can easily style your edges with our styling mousse.
    • Edge Melt band:  Our edge elastic band for wig are a must-have for wig wearers to melt closures, lace fronts and edges perfectly.

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