Sectioning Clips


  • Durable yes lightweight
  • Unique double-hinged design
  • Professional sectioning hair clips
  • Better than metallic clips

Stylist needs clips to section and separate their client's hair for many types of processing. These clips have a unique double-hinged design. They have two springs that allow them to automatically adjust to hold any kind of hair regardless of amount, thickness, or type.

    • DURABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT: Each hair clip is made of durable plastic, our thick hair clips are sturdy enough to last, but lightweight so they won’t hurt your head while styling. These large hair clips for women can be angled to keep hair out of the way, giving you more room to work with as you style.
    • UNIQUE DOUBLE-HINGED DESIGN: Two sectioning stitching automatically buckle down and grip the hair tightly without leaving a dent. Hold any kind of hair regardless of amount, thickness, or type.
    • PROFESSIONAL SECTIONING HAIR CLIPS: With extra-wide 0.5 inch teeth, each professional hair clip is perfect to keep hair sectioned off while coloring, cutting, or styling any length and type of women’s hair. Divide hair into smaller sections for more precise styling or larger sections for blow drying or big volume.
    • BETTER THAN METALLIC CLIPS: Plastic material make it lighter and will not rust or hurt the scalp compared.

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