Hair Dye Pen


  • Instant Hair Color Coverage for Roots
  • Quick Fix Gray Hair Roots
  • Great for Home Use
  • Suitable for All Hair Types & Textures
  • Easy to Apply


Instant Hair Color Coverage after bleaching Knots of Lace Wigs or Lace Frontals.

  • [Instant Hair Color Coverage for Roots] - Our magic Hair dye pen  conceals gray hair in seconds for flawless roots, helping you solve a few pesky, scattered gray roots in a natural and money-saving way.
  • [Quick Fix Gray Hair Roots] - No need to mix, no need to wait, the beautiful color from root to tip just need 10 minutes, evenly gray coverage that lasts several weeks, built up the superior, natural-looking color.
  • [Great for Home Use] - This hair dye pen is very suitable for home use. It is a non-permanent hair coloring kit but lasts for days and easily comes off with shampoo. If you have a gray roots problem, simply apply it before going out instead of going to a salon to fix it.
  • [Suitable for All Hair Types & Textures] - Color adaptive pigments smoothly adhere to the hair fiber and self-adjusts for a flawless result. Suitable for all hair types and colors, does not stick to the scalp, does not rub on clothing, and dries very fast.
  • [Easy to Apply] - Simply apply it to the gray root area or on the hair after bleaching the knots (completely cover it), then after 10 minutes, use a brush or tool to style your hair. Please dry thoroughly after use. If it is not dry enough, smearing may occur.
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