Adhesive Skin Guard


  • Skin protector
  • Holding
  • No build up
  • Easy application


  • [SKIN PROTECTOR]: our Adhesive Skin Guard is specially formulated to protect your skin from irritation caused by the wig adhesive. The skin protector plays the role of primer to provide the protective wall between the scalp and the glue.
  • [HOLDING]: while providing the protection your scalp need, the skin protector does not disrupt the hold of the adhesive. The protector removes the oil and perspirations on the scalp to increase the holding of the adhesive.
  • [NO BUILD UP]: The skin protector removes the impurities on the scalp to prevent built up of the adhesive when applying the wig. The protector allows the clean even distribution of the adhesive along the hair line.
  • [EASY APPLICATION]: Easy application as our skin protector is spray type in a bottle. You can protect your scalp and rock the wig of your choice with just a few spray.

How to use the Adhesive Skin Guard from Savage Hairline?
1) Shake well. Use it generously on the area where adhesive is going to be applied. For better results apply the skin protector after cleaning the area (hair line) where you're going to apply the lace glue and before applying any make-up.

2) Once it is fully dry (~10 seconds) you are ready to apply adhesives. You should notice that the area where you applied the skin protector is smoother to touch.


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