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History of the founder of Savage Hairline…

After our founder, Ms. Denise Jonge, lost her mother in 2008 and her father in 2018 to terminal cancer, she decided to start a company to support women/men who wear wigs. This because she saw the pain in her mother’s eyes when she lost her hair. In 2008, wearing a wig was popular, but there were not many products to style it as desired.

It was a difficult period that she went through with both her mother and her father. Because she knows what this means for women, she wants to be there for you. Whether you want to wear a wig due to illness or just for fashion, she would like to assist you.

It doesn’t matter what your journey is…You don’t have to do it alone! Let us help you find the hairstyle that suits you better.

Why Choose Savage Hairline?

Maintaining and grooming natural hair could often be a struggle for many women. You’ve got a whole lifetime to deal with too many hair challenges. From knowing the right hairstyle for the next event, maintaining a hair routine, and wearing your desired hairstyles irrespective of hair types. However, coping with diseases such as alopecia and cancer is tough. Losing your own hair is hard. This group, who are dealing with health problems, wears a wig every day. We want this group to recognize that they are still beautiful and that wearing a wig doesn’t have to be a burden and doesn’t have to look ugly at all. 

That’s why we decided to offer and sell different styling products to style wigs/weave. These products can be easily used at home.

Savage Hairline believes every woman deserves to own and style her hair without restrictions. Therefore, we at Savage Hairline created our very own luxury hair products that support your hair goals, enhances that girl glow and empowers the beauty woman in you.

We understand how versatile, and unique women’s hair are, so we have designed our hair products such that they allow every woman a chance to own their hair journey. Our commitment is to walk you through your hair journey, provide Luxury hair products, hair extensions, exceptional service delivery and exquisite styling to suit your identity and personality. 

Who Gets Savage Hairline?

Every woman deserves a beautiful hair, irrespective where you are from, age, hair type, or hair texture. We understand that younger women are in quest of owning their identity, and a constant reminder of who they are. While even the older beauties are not to be left behind. Savage Hairline has created the best quality hair products to serve you, and we want to inspire the female power across states, countries, and the globe.

We are animal Lover! 

We believe that animals should not suffer and should be treated with respect and love. That’s why all our products are cruelty free.

Be You, Be Beautifully Savage!

Savage Hairline products are made with care and selected. Over the years, we have become a home of quality hair products and we’re there to help you slay the day, no matter how you want it. We take pride in our products’ quality and our clients’ happiness. Whether you are looking to be pampered to a boat cruise or you are stepping into a business meeting, or just trying to look good because of health problems, you can always make a resounding statement.

Besides our unchanging quality, we have fantastic customer service, which has made us the leading hair brand in the hair industry and makes us eager to offer our 100% quality assurance to each and every Savage Hairline Customer.

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